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Half Marathon Training Schedule

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Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

If you've never done anything like this before, and
even if you've done a few 10k runs or more, getting a professional half marathon training schedule for beginners is an absolutely essential training tool.

You get so much more than just a running program which is what, unfortunately most newbies overlook.

There's more to training for a half marathon than just clocking the miles. There is the mental preparation, theory, equipment, nutrition and so much more which you need to immerse yourself in to succeed.

If you get yourself a proper half marathon training schedule for beginners you'll be giving yourself the best chance of success.

Half Marathon Training Schedule Intermediate

intermediate half marathon training schedules are not just for runners who have done a half before.

If you are reasonably fit, but haven't run a half marathon before, you might be able to tackle a more strenuous running schedule than the basic beginners programs. Gym fitness and sport fitness can cross-over into running fitness very easily. It simply requires a different set of muscles to train and adapt.

Building up your core fitness is probably the most important aspect of the training, so if you already have a decent level of fitness your training will be focussed more on training the nervous system, muscles, ligaments and tendons to the rigours of running for long periods and distances.

Half Marathon Training Schedule Free

Free information on
how to train for a marathon is worth every penny!

If you're really looking for a free running program then you're not really taking this seriously enough. All of the best half marathon training schedules sell for under $50 so there's really no excuse for being a cheapskate.

Compared with the cost of your shoes, iPod, pedometer, clothing and training supplements your training schedule is one of the cheapest things you'll get. Next to your shoes it's also the most important!

Half Marathon Training Schedule

Half Marathon Training Schedule

This page outlines the World's best
half marathon training schedule packages and programs.

It's true that the marathon and half marathon distances require more than just your average level of fitness and preparation. Training for a half marathon is a huge undertaking and should never be underestimated or taken lightly, even for the moderately fit.

It's also not just the distance that you need to think about. Well it's true that running 13.1 miles (21.1 km) is a huge task, most people overlook the fact that it's highly likely that you'll also be running for a very long time.

Most people have never continuously exercised for longer than 1-2- hours straight, however if you're attempting the half marathon for the first time it's highly likely that you'll be running for over 2 hours continuously! If you're going straight for the full marathon you'll most likely be running for at least 3 hours.

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